gin artisanal français- gin confidential- gin producteur

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gin artisanal français- gin confidential- gin producteur

" Confidential, one of our favourite Gin for the coming Autumn/Winter season! "

gin artisanal français- gin confidential- gin producteur

Confidential is a  French distilled gin created by Graf Spirits & Wine, it is produced in Cognac in the heart of the Segonzac family estate, capital of the Grande Champagne. The name Confidential refers to the printed design of the bottle representing a photo of the grand-father of one of the two producers, who was a smuggler during his youth in the Bask Country; but it also refers to the fact that this Gin was assembled against the usual run of things inside a Cognac producing property. The recipe includes four ingredients: juniper berries, hibiscus, Szechuan pepper and horse-radish roots. These are not the usual plant extracts used to make gin (citrus, angelica, cardamom, etc), however these ingredients develop their own distinguished and precise aromatic intensity, providing an incredible diversity of nuances: yellow fleshed fruit, blossom, pepper, almond, litchi, pear and hibiscus. The flavour stands out for its smooth attack, the creamy texture of ripe yellow fleshed fruit, in the middle it is concentrated and perfectly balanced, with a dominating hint ofmenthol; fennel, pepper or even chili.


The after taste is subtle and cool. Confidential has already received a unanimous vote of confidence. from experts such as Christophe Menozzi, UDSF French Master -. Sommelier and Best Swiss Sommelier-in 2001, “This is an excellent Gin, the development and expertise used to make it, have really paid off”. It was first released in a limited edition of 1200 bottles, before the summer, with a further 4000 bottles planned for October.

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gin artisanal français- gin confidential- gin producteur

" Gin Confidential, a Gin that will not leave you indifferent "

gin artisanal français- gin confidential- gin producteur

What is the spirit Confidential ?

Gin Confidential is a craft distilled gin that we produce in Segonzac, capital of Cognac, within the family winery. Developed, produced and bottled behind closed doors our Gin is above all the story of two friends with a common passion and sharing the values of work and camaraderie. The original spirit of this Gin comes from its development: macerated then distilled once, we tried to keep intact the aromas of the basic ingredients that we have selected a long time. Indeed, it is by working with a local herbalist that during this period we were able to carry out a hundred macerations and test distillations using a glass chemistry still, refining our recipe more and more over the weeks to meet our initial requirements: complexity and balance.

Confidential is composed of only four ingredients: the juniper berry, giving it a fat and smooth first taste; hibiscus flower providing complexity and floral aromas; Sichuan pepper to boost the whole; and the horseradish allowing the connection between the elements using the biscuit aroma of the latter. The finish of the bottle is authentic since the rope and wax are placed by hand directly in the family estate.

Confidential, for what types of consumers ?

Made to be enjoyed pure, on ice or in cocktails, the Gin Confidential today seduces a broad range of consumers initiated or not to the tasting of spirits or Gin in particular. Thanks to its balance, its complexity and its aromatic power.

Where can your Gin be found?

Currently the Gin Confidential is distributed only in France, in wine stores and HORECA, and soon on the internet with the opening of our website. We take special care in selecting our reseller partners with whom we work directly and thank them for being daily ambassadors our Gin and its image.

What are the plans for 2019 ?

2019 is a pivotal year for our company. Beyond our ambition to distribute our Gin more widely in France through our network of customers and distributors, we want to start export sales. In terms of production we expected to reach 15,000 bottles by next summer and expand our range starting with the upcoming release of a limited series of an aged Gin Confidential.

As for our primary motivations, they do not change: continuing to work and achieve our objectives and keeping our rigor on the fact of making a handmade product despite the strong demand of the market.

(Interwiew by Charlynne Zyrah for Sommeliers International)